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For the love of a reading pillow

I have decided to bring a reading pillow into my life. Of course, no sooner do I write this than my editorial side asks, “When did they start making pillows that read?”

Not an entirely crazy question given the number of people who will, out loud and out of thin air it seems, ask someone named Siri or someone else named Alexa (I’ve never met either one) for advice, and they answer! My point is, any notion that they’d make a pillow that could read (To who, me?) would not make me topple over in surprise.

I’m talking about a reading back-pillow for reading in bed, with a nice size back, arms, sometimes a pillow attached to the top. With a reading pillow like this I can kick back with a large, lovely, hardcover book and feast away on words. And, it’s those large lovely hardcover books that made it clear a reading pillow was, well, a must.

Hardcover books are the very reason I’ve decided to bring a reading pillow into my life. I’m 70. If I’m lying in bed, my head propped up on a pillow or two, holding a large hardcover book high enough so I can read it is simply not comfortable anymore. Too heavy and awkward.

No doubt aging plays a role in this and while I understand aging is an unstoppable process, I’ll be damned if I’ll let it rob me of reading a hardcover book in bed at day’s end. Aging doesn’t deserve that kind of decision-making power.

Oh! One more thing. As real as aging is, it can’t read. Aging is illiterate.

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Started working for them in February 2020. And I love this company. They really work with you and they always do what they can to make you happy and have enough hours. I really recommend working for this company! Great pay to! The office staff is amazing and ver friendly.
Amanda D.
Amanda D.
…having spoken to Angie regarding any issues we’d had, I was greatly appreciative and made much happier that it was directly and promptly addressed. They truly have been wonderful about making sure their clients are made happy. Thank you once again Angie and Heart of Gold staff.
Lisa M.
Lisa M.
This is my 4th week with HOG. I’ve been in the industry for over 20 plus years. I must say, HOG is by far the best home health care agency I’ve worked for. From the initial contact to the interview, and being hired, it was a seamless process. The owners genuinely care about their employees as does the entire office staff. I’ve never worked for a home health care company that genuinely cares for its employees. I look forward to many years with HOG.
Helen I.
Helen I.
They were awesome when my husband was alive I couldn’t ask for a better crew to help me take care of my husband they were all like family to us they all went above and beyond I miss u all so much even though the staff was only supposed to be here for my husband they all helped me out when I was down they talk to me and help me get through my day ty so much love you guys.
Renee L.
Renee L.
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